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Clearline Everyday Masks Upsells
Clearline Everyday Masks Upsells
Clearline Everyday Masks Upsells
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Clearline Everyday Masks Upsells

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Our KN95 Everyday Masks are designed to protect you from 95% of all harmful particles.

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The Second Wave is here.
Don't lose out on protecting your family.

The US Government along with WHO have stated that cases are at an all-time high and every citizen should be wearing a mask to keep themselves and their family safe

7 Million cases of Coronavirus Worldwide

Over 400,000 deaths

Highest total number of active cases as of June 2020

Protect against 95% of harmful particles

These Clearline KN95 masks are designed to filter out 95% of all harmful particles, which is the highest filter rating issued by the FDA.

In comparison, other reusable masks are being sold for 3-4x the price and only filter an estimated 80% of harmful particles in the air

Finally… There's a Way to Block Particles

The CLEARLINE EVERYDAY mask features an innovative 5-layer design and an active charcoal filtration system with secure seal technology. This is among the very best disposable masks available today.

Slip one on and breathe comfortably as you:

Visit the pharmacy or grocery store

Run, cycle, hike, or walk outdoors

Do yard work including mowing

Who should wear a masks?

According to the New York Times, almost everyone. Masks are light and easy to wear, making them ideal for almost anyone going out into public that is going to be exposed to a large number of people. Scientists recommend that children 3 or younger not wear masks, but everyone else is good to go.

Masks should be worn whenever you’re around other people who you aren’t sure if they may have coronavirus or not. In other words, there’s no need to wear them around immediate family or in your car, but you should definitely be putting one on for a trip to the grocery store, mall, or movie theater.

Clearline Everyday Masks Help You Get Protect You and Your Family

Protect your family

With restaurants and public venues opening up, protect your family with the highest rated masks by the WHO.

Filter out 95% of particles

Clearline Everyday Masks have are continually quality tested and filter out a minimum of 95% of airborne particles such as dirt, smog, and airborne bacteria.

Stock is running low!

As the second wave of COVID-19 approaches, accessibility to potentially life-saving masks is at risk. With a growing 8 million+ confirmed cases, our ability to maintain pandemic-fighting resources is threatened . Our mission is to manufacture and ship masks to protect you and your family as quickly as possible.

You can boost your smart hygiene routine and breathe easy knowing you’re doing absolutely everything possible to keep you and your family safe.

The Clearline KN95 masks exceed all of the strict guidelines documented by the CDC, WHO, and local and federal governments.

With 5-total layers of protection this mask goes over and above to keep viruses, smoke and allergens OUT! Clearline KN95 masks are extremely cost effective, giving you the most savings possible to keep you and your family safe.

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3 Things That Make CLEARLINE KN95 Better

The CLEARLINE TUFF mask gives you the respiratory protection you need...

Blocks 95% of all airborne pathogens

Made from only the safety material available for your safety

Same flow rate (how easy it is to breath) as medical-grade N95 masks